LaBobo will Change Your Mind

Washing hands not just once a day, or even twice. But every time it's needed.
Before cooking and eating. After using the toilet and changing a diaper. Vigorously scrubbing for 20 seconds...

...blah blah blah blah

Sound familiar? Like a chore?
The LaBobo will change your mind.

It's the first and only portable sink designed by moms to make washing fun.
The result: a unique and playful sink that turns a boring chore into a moment of joy.

LaBobo Final Product.jpg

Designed with purpose

The LaBobo portable sink was developed using human-centered design - a fancy way of saying that our customers came up with the ideas. We wanted to know what would solve the problems that prevented families from washing their hands. Their input inspired the final design - a lightweight portable sink with a detachable 15-liter water tank, a custom-built rain spout that conserves water, and a convenient soap dish. Its bright green design means you can't miss it. Until you go away.

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