About HappyTap

Award-winning social business offering portable hand wash stations

  • headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, and Vietnam
  • serving more than a dozen countries across Asia, Africa, Europe and North America, and shipping globally
  • reinvesting a majority of our profits to achieve sustainability, grow our reach and ensure the fulfillment of our mission

World’s leading portable sink

The HappyTap is the world’s leading portable sink. It is purpose-built for handwashing, and mass-produced which makes it affordable and easy to deploy at large scale.

Designed with end-users

The HappyTap was developed and refined over a decade, based on formative research, user-testing, and many iterations of rapid prototyping—in close consultation with users. The result is brightly colored with attractive aesthetics, which serves as a visual nudge or cue, and makes handwashing convenient to insert into daily routines.

Progress toward global development goals

Hygiene facilities are essential for people to wash their hands consistently. Not only does HappyTap help institutions operate safely, we also help countries achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6, which measures the presence of such facilities in households.

Evidence-based hygiene interventions

Beyond products, HappyTap have been advocates for evidence-based hygiene interventions. For nearly ten years, we have helped implementers of hygiene campaigns to improve the impact of their programs. As a private company 100% focused on hygienic habit formation, we bring a valuable and unique perspective. Our services include human-centered R&D, developing communications across a range of behavioural determinants, and contributing body of knowledge on hygiene.

The HappyTap is a desirable and affordable portable sink designed for low-income settings, purpose-built for
handwashing and designed in close consultation with users.

HappyTap is the trademark and operating name of WaterSHED Holdings Pte Ltd, registered in Singapore under ACRA (No. 201726214H).