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If you are looking for a credible social enterprise so that you or the company contributes responsibly to the Community & Society, together to build a sustainable society, then this is why you should cooperate with Happy Tap.

Improvement of daily hygiene habits

Our purpose is clear-raising awareness of hands & daily hygiene habits in the community to minimize the risk of infection with infectious diseases due to water resources or poor hygiene. We persistently pursue this goal by combining with business partners and social activists to organize cognitive enhancement events while bringing hygiene products to the community.


HappyTap is part of WaterSHED – one of the world’s most prestigious nonprofit organizations addressing water scarcity, rural poverty, and food instability over the past 26 years.

We focus on a wide range of issues including awareness of hand washing, health, etc.

Responsibilities & Transparency

HappyTap always guarantees transparency in every aspect of work and is responsible for all our important partners.

Project reports are always up to the clock to help partners update their progress rapidly, and we’ll also clear, complete the use of a specific spending budget for each project. JTVCbG9n

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