Nudges behaviour: intuitive, striking design serves as a visual cue for handwashing

Removes barriers: makes handwashing convenient and fun, bringing soap and water together in a dedicated place

Portable: insert handwashing into routine (e.g. before cooking or after using the the toilet)

Research-based: Designed based on years of formative research and human-centered design to maximize impact

Key features of our solution

Not just for kids

HappyTap removes barriers and helps habit formation for caregivers, teachers, elderly people, nurses, cooks, etc.

Inclusive design

Kids are so capable

…when given an intuitive, attractive solution, kids take pride in being able to practice good hygiene without nagging from mom or dad.

Independent Kids

Insert in daily routines

With a salient appearance and placement, HappyTap changes the ‘environmental settings’ so handwashing can be inserted effortlessly before/after other activities.

Hard to Ignore

Sustainable change

Used by more than half a million people across a variety of settings; HappyTap cements the gains of awareness campaigns by turning increased knowledge into improved and consistent hygiene behavior.

Lasting change

A hygiene station

Most users discover additional value in HappyTap as a multi-function hygiene station — for washing face, brushing teeth, removing make-up, etc. — increasing its lifetime value considerably.

Mult-function device

Realistically usable

HappyTap is very effective in schools and clinics. Where sinks are few and far away, washing simply does not happen. With multiple well-placed devices, long queues are replaced with fun, convenient access.

Institutional settings

HappyTap production and marketing