What we do

Partner with Institutions

  • We enable schools to offer critical access to hygiene effectively & immediately.
  • So far we've helped thousands of schools to reopen safely since COVID19.
  • Handwashing is also critical in health clinics. HappyTap enables ready access to handwashing facilities where they're needed most.

Aspirational Marketing

  • The home is the key environment for children under 5, and their caregivers.
  • Creative marketing that leverages strong emotional motivators leads to adoption of sinks and to sustained behaviour.
  • But teaching people about handwashing has never been enough. We aim to inspire.

Behaviour Change

  • With years of formative research and human-centered design, we contribute to a growing body of knowledge about habit formation and hygiene.
  • The HappyTap range of products embodies much of what we've learned about nudges for consistent practice.

Building a Category & Market

  • Few people go into a shop asking what kinds of portable handwashing stations are available (i.e. that don't require plumbing).
  • We aim to change that.
  • We are eager for multiple producers to enter the market so low-income consumers can choose from a broad range of handwashing facilities.