What we do

Partner with Institutions

  • We enable schools to offer critical access to hygiene effectively & immediately.
  • So far we've helped thousands of schools to reopen safely since COVID19.
  • Handwashing is also critical in health clinics. HappyTap enables ready access to handwashing facilities where they're needed most.

Aspirational Marketing

  • The home is the key environment for children under 5, and their caregivers.
  • Creative marketing that leverages strong emotional motivators leads to adoption of sinks and to sustained behaviour.
  • But teaching people about handwashing has never been enough. We aim to inspire.

Behaviour Change

  • With years of formative research and human-centered design, we contribute to a growing body of knowledge about habit formation and hygiene.
  • The HappyTap range of products embodies much of what we've learned about nudges for consistent practice.

Building a Category & Market

  • Few people go into a shop asking what kinds of portable handwashing stations are available (i.e. that don't require plumbing).
  • We aim to change that.
  • We are eager for multiple producers to enter the market so low-income consumers can choose from a broad range of handwashing facilities.

Hand hygiene is one of the most underexploited interventions in public health. Although handwashing is the most effective way to prevent a range of infectious diseases hygiene crisis, global adherence is estimated to be only 19% — that is, only 1 in 5 adults globally regularly washes hands after defecating.

A key part of the problem is lack of facilities: UNICEF estimates that 818M students attend schools without handwashing facilities; 3B people who don’t have handwashing facilities at home; and nearly half of all heath-care facilities that lack handwashing stations at point of care. HappyTap supports global advocacy efforts, partners with international agencies and governments, and works with local manufacturers, distributors, schools, health clinic and others so we can stop missing this massive opportunity to improve health.