Everyone can benefit from convenient, portable hand wash sinks

Portable hand washing station.

HappyTap is the result of years of formative research and user-centered design. It’s made for hands.

Better than sanitizer.

Install quickly anywhere.

Weeks instead of years to mass deploy essential handwashing facilities where it’s needed most.

Nested components allow for efficient bulk shipping.

A social business in clean hands

HappyTap is a social business that designs, manufactures, and sells the world’s leading all-in-one portable sink.

Using soap to clean hands is the most effective way to defend against many infectious diseases. The HappyTap portable hand-wash sink / faucet station helps make it easy to wash hands regularly. Its durable food-grade material means it is built to last under tough usage conditions.

HappyTap social business
Portable hand-wash sink / faucet station in use in school in the UK

Hand washing in school.

Hundreds of thousands of students—and their teachers—are safer at school because they wash their hands with HappyTap every day.

>>> HappyTap helped UNICEF equip all schools in Cambodia, in just weeks. Read how.

Self-contained hand sanitation

“…the greatest opportunity to improve handwashing with soap may be to ensure access to a desirable and conveniently-located handwashing facility, with soap and water present. ”

The determinants of handwashing behaviour in domestic settings: An integrative systematic review.” White et al (2020).