A new way to keep students safe


The HappyTap can be installed in minutes wherever handwashing is needed — no need for plumbing. Devices can be dynamically relocated throughout the school day, maintaining social distancing.


HappyTap is here to support the new normal in the long term. International engineering and food-grade plastic lasts 10 years. Five year warranty for schools.

Water efficient

Shower-head faucet and water regulator gives 50-70 thorough hand washes per refill. Integrated basin for health & safety inspection – no mops required.

Invest in behaviour, not buckets

The HappyTap benefits from the latest in human-centered design, a worthy complement to school handwashing programs.

Selected partners equipping schools…


Supporting Cambodian preschool re-openings


Supporting Vietnamese schools safe reopening

Global Reach

We produce thousands of HappyTaps per day and ship them around the world.

More Information

Download the HappyTap in schools 2-pager for more info

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Built-in Water Tank

No need for plumbing, electric connection, or a permanent structure.

Use right in the classroom.